Allen Pomraning - Walla Walla WA City Council

Allen Pomraning is running for Walla Walla City Council position 3


                                                                    Vote for Allen Pomraning November 2013. 

      Elect an Engineer and Project Management Professional with over 30 years experience to the Walla Walla City Council.  I am a community leader recently retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers.  I listen to the community, work with teams of professionals for solutions, and celebrate success after success with my teammates.  

      Walla Walla has provided me with a great life for the last half century.  I am running for office because I have the time and good health to give back to Walla Walla in a way that makes a difference for my kids and grandkids.  For your kids and grandkids.  For the future generations who will live here someday.  Walla Walla is a world class community, best of the best.  Our city government requires leadership, teamwork, dedication, and community passion to continue to improve and maintain it.  I bring that experience to the City Council.

    My  priorities:  
(1) Street & bridge repair.
(2) Community water, waste water, and storm water infrastructure.
(3) Continued leadership excellence in our City staff and citizen volunteer teams.
(4) Fire, Police, Library, Parks and Recreation Services
(5) Create a new riverwalk parkway for Mill Creek.  Our downtown concrete flood channel is environmentally unfriendly, unsafe, and structurally failing.  Other communities have "daylighted" similar outdated underground concrete rivers with state and federal funds.
(6) Communicate.  Internet videos of our City Council meetings.
(7) City support of our existing local businesses and long term economic development.   

     My vision: 
(1) Transparent city government.
(2) Streets and water systems that show measurable system improvements every year.
(3) Excellent Police, Fire, Public Works, Parks and Recreation Services.
(4) A new trout fishing stream through downtown Walla Walla with tiny parks and riverfront cafes.
(5) A dry Mill Creek channel which will be used only for floods. 
(6) Robust Walla Walla businesses and industries with "living wage" jobs. 

    Many life experiences prepared me for the WW City Council including:  Bluewood Ski Instructor, President WW Swim Team, USA Swimming Official, WWCC Technology Board member, Auctioneering school, federal contracting training, Project Management Professional certification, part-time engineering instructor at a local university, bass player for the PowerSwing Big Band, skydiver, scuba diver, US Army Corps of Engineers community outreach manager, Corps Tribal projects leader, and beekeeper.  I am married to a wonderful wife and we have a supportive family with two kids and our first grandchild.  

Vote for Allen Pomraning   :-)
Larry D. Lewis, Chairman, Committee to Elect Allen Pomraning
Susan Palmer, Treasurer, Committee to Elect Allen Pomraning

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